"Once Alex joined the team, he made an immediate impact on our current projects. He was assigned a project that had been in development for years, that never had a producer. That project had no schedules, no timelines, no milestones, no asset tracking and no production pipeline. Alex changed all of  that by
implementing his own systems, with input from me, that resulted in accurate tracking of project status, realistic timelines and identified blockers for the team. Later, Alex transition to other internal projects where he led the development from the start.
Ensuring the team had all necessary processes in place to be successful.
If you're looking for a Producer who's not worried about getting their hands dirty by diving into Jira tickets and GDDs, Alex is your person. He made my job easier and I know he made development a better experience for his teams."

"I have had the honor of working alongside Alex on a few projects while at Whitethorn. Alex is an empathetic, driven, and communicative producer. With a junior team, he was able to liaise between clients, keep the team on track, and come out ahead of deadlines. He has incredible soft skills and a way with people that is reflected in the quality of work and amazing teamwork he and his team have created.
Alex was great at anticipating potential setbacks in timelines and addressing them head-on. He provided excellent documentation for the management team, as well as his internal team. He clearly and
effectively communicated risks and issues in time to solve them.
Anyone would be lucky to have Alex on their team, and I count myself one of the lucky ones."
"I was happy to work alongside Alex primarily on Whalefall and Soulful Skies, and additionally Deepcover later on. Even as a late, but very much appreciated, addition to the Whalefall development team, Alex was able to masterfully organize the entire team by establishing a new standard for meeting schedules, as well as overall tracking of tasks and asset completion. At least from my point of view, the entire project began to feel much more productive as our current tasks and what was left to do became much clearer and organized, when beforehand there was a bit of a disconnect between teams and overall progression.

Soulful Skies, while considerably smaller in scope than Whalefall was well organized right from the start as well with Alex as our project manager. Similar to Whalefall, each and every person working on the project knew their tasks, what needed to be done, and how their tasks related to the completion of other teams’ tasks. If an issue or concern came up with art implementation on the engineering side of things, Alex would make sure it was known to the relevant people as soon as possible, minimizing any potential delays or inconveniences as much as possible.

In general, I knew if I needed to communicate any minor delay, I could trust that Alex would be more than understanding and accommodating, and that he more than likely had already anticipated any potential blockers while in the process of creating and maintaining project schedules, which meant that whatever came up would not have an impact on the overall completion and timeline of the project.

To anyone considering bringing Alex onto their team, know that because he does some of his own game development outside of his job, he’s very knowledgeable in multiple parts of game design and development, which allows him to better perform his duties as someone who is overseeing all of those parts to create a strong, well structured team."
"Alex Laubscher is a fantastic producer with a strong knowledge of development cycles. He not only understands the importance of chemistry/teamwork when making games but he's also a humble and empathic producer. He truly cares about the team and will go out of his way to take care of a problem and create solutions. Moreover, Alex wants to become a better producer every day as he is always looking for honest feedback. He embraces challenges and uses his experience to push through lifting everyone up in the process.
Furthermore, Alex has strong intuition and can identify problems before they arise because he has the initiative to act and resolve any issues. Alex can also coordinate cross functional teams and ensure that each feature follows the documentation clearly. Whether he's in the office or working remotely, we feel confident because he defines the milestones we need to reach beforehand. Even when we seem to hit a block, Alex helps us believe in our skills to deliver quality work. His work ethic is very inspiring because he always finds ways to help and do more.
All in all, it is awesome to work with Alex Laubscher because he is a team player that not only cares about the quality of the game we are making, but the people working on it."
"Alex is someone who clearly values and understands the need for proper communication and documentation. When Alex was first brought onto the Deepcover project, he hit the ground running - identifying not just current obstacles, but also working to determine future bumps in the road and working diligently to remove them before the team had a chance to stumble. He is someone who sees the value in his team and is always searching and accepting of feedback to be better. He identifies ways to improve our development processes, and he actively ensures that all project progress is documented in a clear and concise manner. As someone who prefers to get lost in my world of code, I can't express just how reassuring it is to have Alex on my team, because I know he's working above and beyond to keep things moving forward."
"Alex is a proactive and thorough producer who always looks out for his team. He facilitates communication between departments and ensures that we have all the resources we need to meet our deadlines. Thanks to his planning, our team has been able to avoid crunch and take care of our mental health. He is approachable, supportive, and cares greatly about making games the team can feel proud of. I can confidently recommend Alex as a hard-working and capable producer."
"I have worked with Alex for nearly two years, and he is one of the best teammates I could ever ask for.
He is always willing to sit down with you to evaluate ideas and connect them directly to overarching goals. He works with you to get things done ahead of time and iterate upon early feedback.
Alex is highly skilled in corporate communications: He can effectively create technical presentations and project documentation. He breaks down complex concepts for other teams with different backgrounds. He communicates ideas efficiently and works well with a diverse team."
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