Producer and Game Designer
(Team size: 5)

Bloxtopia is a sci-fi MMO card-based city-builder targeted towards the Roblox platform. 

I wanted to create a game that highlights people's love for city-builders combined with optimism for the future through science fiction messaging.
MY duties
- Being the vision holder and producer for Bloxtopia
- Drafting and revising design documents for the team
- Creating and implementing the user interface
- Designing core mechanics:
      - Build mode / Grid placement
      - Card placement and interactions
      - UI flow and player interactions
      - Player-to-player trading
      - Building-to-building effects and resource allocation

During our time in the Roblox Accelerator Program, I led the engineers and artists toward achieving our milestones set throughout the duration of the program. I also met with Roblox's Developer Relations team to gather feedback on our project. At the end of the program, I led the creation of the pitch deck and multiple technical and general presentations we presented at the end of the program to Roblox executives.

Bloxtopia is still being developed to this day, with a large following that anticipates the alpha release in the future.
Indie Studios (Accelerator team)

Simulation / City-Builder / MMO
PC/Mobile (In Development)

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