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(Team size: 8) | Hybrid

As a secret agent, embark on missions around the globe and play various spy-themed mini-games, all while learning how to identify and avoid real-life financial scams.

Deepcover was developed as part of the Deception Awareness and Resilience Training (DART) platform created by the University at Buffalo Center for Information Integrity (CII). Its goal is to educate older adults who are especially vulnerable to scams. Adaptive difficulty settings and bite-sized informational videos ensure that anyone can have fun playing and learning.
I transitioned onto the Deepcover team as their full-time producer after a team re-organization in January 2024. I was tasked with helping the team's production to release Year 2 content for Deepcover at the request of our client.

My role emphasized a holistic and collaborative approach with each respective discipline. Oftentimes, I'd meet with the internal team to prioritize efforts based on project goals, information from our clients, and budgeted resources allocated for Year 2 content.

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Zoey Reyes - Designer
Courtney Manbeck - Designer
Alexander Laubscher - Producer
James Bond - Gameplay Programmer
Ryan Millen - Gameplay Programmer
Atley Sakamoto - UI Designer
Ashli Hudson - 2D Artist/Animator
Sherry Zhu - 2D / Environment Artist

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