Courtesy of Whitethorn Games & Artist Rawb Herb

(Team size: 12+)

Whalefall was an SRPG/JRPG game created by Whitethorn Games.
I joined the Whalefall team during a time of uncertainty with the production of the game. I first organized the team's Kanban board (Trello) and established new milestones that were needed to help set a clear direction for the rest of the game's development. Furthermore, I worked with the lead engineer and art director to establish priority goals to ensure that the newly set milestones were achieved.
I implemented weekly sprint planning rituals, including retrospectives of the previous week, to keep the team up to date with each respective discipline and their contributions towards reaching the established milestones during the project revamping period.
Over the course of Whalefall's development, I was also the liaison between the internal development team and Whitethorn Games' business development team. In May 2023, I provided the business development team with a report involving an analysis of the lifetime of Whalefall's development and where I saw the project heading with the current resources at hand - this eventually led to the project's cancellation.
JRPG / SRPG / Visual Novel

PC/Consoles (Unreleased)

Whalefall Steam Page
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